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Complete Wonder Hair Set

Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and hair oil


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About the Product:
icon 100% Natural
icon Vegan
icon Not tested on animals
icon Perfume
icon Pain reliever
icon Made in Denmark
icon Against skin problems

Wonder Hair Set

Healthy and Shiny Hair the Natural Way

Our complete Wonder Hair Kit is the ultimate secret to beautiful and healthy hair. This set contains four key products from our Black Wonder range: Black Wonder Hair Conditioner, Black Wonder Shampoo, Black Wonder Hair Treatment and Black Wonder Hair Oil.

Why Choose the Wonder Hair Set?

  • Deep Conditioning: This set is designed to give your hair the deep conditioning it deserves. Each product is carefully formulated with natural ingredients such as essential oils and extracts to help strengthen and nourish your hair from root to tip.
  • Softer and Shinier Hair: Black Wonder Hair Conditioner and Shampoo work together to cleanse and soften hair, making it easier to manage and giving it a beautiful shine. Our unique Black Wonder Hair Treatment helps rebuild damaged hair, while Black Wonder Hair Oil provides intense nourishment and protection.
  • Free from Harmful Substances: We don’t compromise on the quality of our products. All products in this set are free from harmful chemicals, parabens and sulfates and are suitable for all hair types.


Start with Black Wonder Shampoo and massage into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Black Wonder Hair Conditioner for extra shine. Use Black Wonder Hair Treatment once a week for intensive care, and add a few drops of Black Wonder Hair Oil after washing your hair for instant nourishment and shine.

Your Path to Healthier Hair Starts Here:

  • Black Wonder Hair Conditioner: Provides a silky smooth feel and improves hair texture.
  • Black Wonder Shampoo: Gently cleanses and adds life and shine to hair.
  • Black Wonder Hair Treatment: Restores and strengthens the hair strands, making your hair more resilient.
  • Black Wonder Hair Oil: Provides intense moisture and leaves hair shiny and conditioned.

With our Wonder Hair Kit, you can look forward to healthier, more beautiful hair that radiates natural beauty. Choose the best for your hair, choose the Wonder Hair Set from House of Wonder.

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